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So you’ve been seeking to learn about having a private trust?

Private trust account? Securing your assets?

Being a secured party creditor? Or just plain old seeking? 

Then you’ve come to the right place to learn about all the above and more. Please check out the website for more details.

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Interested in formulating a Trust? 

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Why Shamar Malak School of Trusts?

Shamar Malak School of Trusts focuses on getting individuals educated and united with the world of trusts by having advanced classes on various subjects regarding trusts and estate planning set up. We enlighten the individual on how to secure their affairs and be Lord of their Trusts. Many people and entities today are teaching people to be a secured party but you can’t be secured without having a trust instrument properly set up and understanding the fundamentals of the world of trusts. A trust is a secured instrument to protect your assets and bring order to your life. Our classes will bring the student a clear thorough understanding on trust affairs and their importance in this modern world. This is true status correction.

Did you know?
9/10 Families don't estate plan for their future


What percentage of the world
use these TRUSTS? 



How many businesses and bank accounts
go into probate?
(Avoidable with a Trust document)


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